about me... 

I'm Nic Nieves, an innovative Graphic & Web Designer, Illustrator, and Social Media Manager living in Jacksonville, Florida. I have an immense passion for creating engaging and effective campaigns to enhance the customer experience. I believe that staying healthy and positive is essential to balance hard work and produce creative masterpieces. In my free time I enjoy digital painting, hand lettering, meditating, and researching the latest and greatest design practices.

Things I absolutely LOVE to do:

  • Read! I love studying consumer behavior to understand what drives their decisions.

  • Create vibrant patterns.

  • Travel, (anywhere new) especially places with lots of animals and breathtaking nature to enjoy and capture on my gopro.

  • Play and collect video games.

  • Research design websites to see what's new and trending.

  • Play funny tricks on friends. I'm a little goofy at times, I love to see others smile especially when it's least expected.

Want to say hello? Send me an email at anytime at hello@nicsdesign.com